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Road Tax

1) Official Timings

Q.What is the official timings for depositing of Road Tax?

Ans: Payment process is online, Any one can pay road tax at any time .

Q. If Road Tax is not paid in time , how it can be paid ?

Ans: It can be paid with the penalty which can be up to 100% of the Road Tax rate/amount.

2) Tax Payment on Quarterly/Half Yearly Basis

Q. Can I pay the Road Tax in break up?

Ans: Yes, the Road Tax can also be paid on quarterly , yearly basis for Commercial vehicles including Auto & Taxi.

3) Where to Pay

Q. Where do I have to pay the Road Tax?

Ans: For Pvt. Vehicles, road tax is deposited at the time of registration at concerned zonal registration office or self Registration Dealer. It is one time payment. For Commercial Vehicle, tax can be paid using E-payment, URL-

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