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Road Signs

When somebody gets ready to drive for the very first time on road, one needs to take many lessons about the road. The most common things the student driver will need are license, enrollment in a driving school, road familiarization, traffic rule tests and road ethics. Out of all this one fundamental element of driving arises which should always be taken seriously is the comprehensive knowledge on road or traffic signs. Every good driver must have the good knowledge of these signs.

Every person, he may be a passenger, driver, pedestrian would have noticed along the roadside various sign boards that serve important purposes. These important road paraphernalia helps us as route guides, warning and traffic regulator. As control devices for traffic, signs need full attention, respect and adequate driver's response.

Road signs are placed beside or above the highways or streets. If the positioning of the signs is not supported by any visual considerations or expert reasons, these may become destructive rather than effective means of guiding the motorists. Traffic signs or road signs are signs erected at the side of road to provide information to road users. Pictorial signs are used as symbols in place of words and are usually a result of international standards.

We have consolidated the all Road signs - Mandatory; Cautionary and Informatory and have given brief about each sign. This will be a very useful guide for learners and other road users. It is expected that after going through this subject, one would obviously be more road friendly and wise citizen.

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