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1) About Enforce Agencies

There are two Enforcement Agencies in Jharkhand for Regulation, Monitoring and Enforcing of provisions of Motor Vehicle Act and Rules framed there under.
  1. Enforcement wing of Transport Department.
  2. Traffic Police

2) Major Motor Vehicle/Traffic Offenses

3) Challaning of Vehicle

Do you understand challaning of vehicle?

Challenging is the process of prosecution by enforcement agencies for and under Motor Vehicle Act. Challan is a document prepared by the enforcement agency for prosecution of an offence under Motor Vehicle Act.

4) Impounding of Vehicle

Do you understand Impounding of vehicle?

Impounding of vehicle is to retain a vehicle by the enforcement agencies for an offence committed under Motor Vehicle Act. Impounded vehicle is released after the disposal of challan.

5) Compounding of Challan

Do you understand compounding of challan?

Compounding of challans under Motor Vehicle Act mean settlement between the enforcement agencies and the offender by which challan is disposed of through depositing of notified fee by the offender.

6) Vehicle is Challaned

If your vehicle is challaned Prosecuted?

What happens immediately?

Prosecution slip/challan will be issued to you containing the following details:

  • Name and address of the court where the offence will be trialled.
  • Details of offence committed.
  • Date of trial
  • Vehicle details
  • Name and address of offender
  • Name and signature of the challaning officer
  • Details of documents retained

Besides this your document or your vehicle may also be impounded or both depending on gravity of voilation

7) Vehicle can be Challaned

Under what circumstances your vehicle can be challaned ?

Enforcement agencies deploy its team for regulating, monitoring, enforcing the Motor Vehicle Act.

You may be stopped by one of these teams. You may be asked to produce the following documents in original :

  1. Driving licence
  2. Registration book of vehicle
  3. Insurance certificate
  4. Pollution under control certificate
  5. Permits (for commercial vehicles only)
  6. Certificate of fitness (for commercial vehicles only)
  7. Road Tax Receipt (for commercial vehicles only)

If you are not carrying the above mentioned documents or found violating any of the Traffic Rules/Regulations,you may be challaned.Your document and even vehicle may also be impounded depending on the violation under the rules of MV Act 1988, CMVR 1999 and DMV Rule 1993.

8) Get Challan Disposed

How can you get the challan disposed of?

You have two option :

  1. By compounding
  2. By disposal in the Court
    Disposal of Challan By Compounding
    1. If you are challaned by traffic police The challaning officer may compound the challan at the spot itself by depositing the notified amount.
    2. If you are challaned by Transport Department : You may compound the challan at the spot itself by depositing notified amount. Your challan will be compounded by the duty officer at Room No.G-3 at Transport Deptt. Head Qtr.,5/9, Under Hill Road between 10.00AM to 4.00PM on any working day. (Remember only certain offences can be compounded )
  1. Disposal of Challan in The Court

For disposal in the Court you have to appear in the court on the date and place mentioned the challan. You will be trialled by the court depending upon whether you plead guilty or not.If you plead guilty court may impose penalty on the facts and circumstances of the case. If you do not plead guilty you may be asked by the court to submit the ground/documents on the basis of which you do not plead guilty. After hearing you and the challaning officer, the court will decide the case.

9) Impounded documents Released

How will you get your impounded documents released?

a. From the court, if challan is to be disposed of in the court.

b. From enforcement agency, if challan is compounded.

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