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Do's and Don'ts

Do's Don'ts
The big sized vehicles with wheel base more than 166 inches and overhang more than fifty percent are not allowed in Yatra routes and on hill routes. Don't travel in un-authorized vehicles such as private vehicles plying as un-authorized commercial vehicles on hire and reward.
The driver should be experienced and efficient for driving on hill roads. The vehicle should not be driven by inexperienced person or by the helper of the driver.
Driver should have the complete list of the passengers traveling in the vehicle. Do not drive before 5 A.M. or after 7 P.M. on hill routes.
The descending vehicle on the slopes should give way to ascending vehicle. Don't drive in excessive speed since hill routes may be narrow and steeply ascending and descending with bends.
First Aid Box and wooden blocks should always be kept in the vehicle. Driver should not wear Rubber sleepers while driving, instead the shoes shall be worn by the driver while driving.
The vehicle should be technically fit for the hill journey. Before start your journey specially check the Brakes, steering, level of Engine oil & coolant. Driver should not perform more than eight hours as steering duty in a day.
It is advisable to use genuine parts during the repairs of the vehicle and the vehicle should be repaired by the technically skilled persons only.

Special care be taken to ensure that the vehicle is not driven by a person under the influence of liquor or any drugs.

All valid documents related to vehicle and driver should be with the driver. Driver should not operate tape or radio etc in a moving vehicle.
Backlights and stoplights in working condition should be fixed on the rear part of the vehicle. Loading of passengers or goods beyond permissible limits should be strictly avoided.
Periodical eye test is advised to every person driving a vehicle. Passenger should not travel in Goods vehicles such as trucks, utility van etc.
All commercial passenger vehicles should invariably obtain the GREEN CARD from either of the transport office at Haridwar, Rishikesh or Dehradun, before starting the hill journey. The green card is given after technical examination of vehicles and it is a compilation of the registration certificate, valid permit, insurance certificate, Tax payment certificate, driving and conductor's license. It is advisable not to use the re-treated tyres on the hill roads.
Always use the horn on the bends. Don't use dazzling headlights in your vehicle
While parking the vehicle always apply the hand brakes. Do not overtake without taking pass from the vehicle in front. Never overtake an overtaking vehicle.
There should be an emergency door in Tourist buses. Don't carry inflamable good or articles as kerosene/ gas/petrol/Diesel.

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