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Latest News/Press Release

Document Name Updated on Published Date Status. Attachments
Notification regarding Colour Scheme of the Auto Rickshaw 19/02/2016 19/02/2016 New auto rickshaw notification
District Registration code of Ramgarh 16/04/2015 13/04/2015 New Scan1.PDF
Road Tax Collection through ICICI Bank Counter through out the Jharkhand, Date: 22/09/2014 23/09/2014 22/09/2014 New icici payment.pdf
Jharkhand State Plan- 2014 19/09/2014 19/09/2014 New state plans 2014.pdf
Jharkhand MVI Cadre Rules 23/09/2014 15/09/2014 New D201322148.pdf
BSRTC Employee Adjustment Sankalp, Date-28.08.2014 19/09/2014 28/08/2014 New BSRTC.pdf
Notification of Jharkhand Motor Vehicle Amendment Rule, 2011 dated 18-10-2013 19/09/2014 18/10/2013 New NOTIFICATION AMENDMENT.pdf
Notification for Use of VIP Lights- 07.11.2012 19/09/2014 07/11/2012 New VIP Lights Notification.pdf

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